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Grant Strategies serves all types and levels of educational institutions in seeking grants. Additionally, we serve faculty in their pursuit of research and development grants as individuals or members of an institution. Please call or e-mail for a no obligation consultation about your grant project.

Federal grants are invaluable to school districts. Grant Strategies performs funding searches, researches and writes all types of Department of Education grants. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics grants including those with the National Science Foundation are also written.

State grants from Departments of Education and other state agencies with interests in education are vital to the ongoing development of schools. Grant Strategies performs funding searches, researches and writes grant proposals to state Departments of Education and other agencies with education interests such as arts councils, health, and social services.

Corporate giving for both public and private schools is an increasingly sought after funding channel. Whether you know of a giving program or need a funding search to locate giving programs, count on Grant Strategies to prepare professional application forms and proposals to corporations.

Foundation grants encompass areas most needed by schools such as curriculum development, equipment, seed money and program development. Special grant writing packages include a funding source search with a database consisting of more than 242,000 private sector funders, proposals tailored to guidelines, plus cover letters and letters of inquiry (if required). Fees for these packages are: 10 Private Sector Proposals for $9,000; 5 Private Sector Proposals for $8,000; 3 Private Sector Proposals for $7,500.

Charter School Grants - As a supporter of educational reform, Grant Strategies offers special discounts on fees for charter schools for grant writing. Please call for a quote.

Private Schools rely on Grant Strategies for writing foundation grants and corporate giving proposals for the full spectrum of their funding needs and often for Capital Campaigns. If your capital campaign has reached a plateau, or is in the early stages of development, contact Grant Strategies to discuss your funding goal and how a Capital Campaign Grant Proposal Package will help to achieve the targeted amount. Likewise, if your Annual Campaign has not been achieving your targeted goal, contact Grant Strategies to discuss how an Annual Campaign Grant Proposal Package or Challenge Grant Proposal Package could help you achieve it.

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