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Non-profit organizations are offered grant writing at discounted rates via special grant writing packages which include a grant funding source search with a database consisting of more than 242,000 private sector funders, grant proposals tailored to guidelines, plus cover letters and letters of inquiry (if required). Fees for special grant writing packages are:

10 Private Sector Proposals: $9,000
5 Private Sector Proposals: $8,000
3 Private Sector Proposals: $7,500

These special grant writing packages are completed in about six weeks and the 10 private sector proposal package is the most popular choice among non-profit organizations.

Do you already have a private sector Request for Proposals (RFP) you would like to pursue? Quotes on competitive private sector grant proposal writing are given within two business days.

Do you need to research government grants and/or need government grant writing? Quotes are given within two business days. Typically, flat fees start at $6,000 for government grant writing. Fees for targeting funding opportunities via comprehensive databases and other sources range from $1,500-$3,500.

Is your faith-based organization seeking grant funding? Faith-based organizations are welcome! Grant Strategies supports faith-based and community initiatives grant writing and also researches and writes foundation grant proposals and corporate giving proposals for religious organizations.

Do you need to increase donations by individuals? Grant Strategies offers the following: 1) Donor campaign design, 2) Targeting of donor populations, 3) Writing letters of appeal to solicit donations.

Do you need to increase your earned income? Grant Strategies offers the following: 1) Strategy development for increasing earned income, 2) Implementation plans, 3) Marketing plans to increase earned income.

Do you need to increase your visibility in the community, state, or nation? Grant Strategies develops a wide range of marketing plans (including social marketing) and promotional materials to reach your targeted goals. Non-profit organizations typically have limited time for marketing efforts. Call today to discuss how best to meet your marketing goals.

Editing Services - In addition to full-service grant writing, grant editing is provided at the rate of $150.00/hr.

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