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Grant Strategies researches grant and contract funding opportunities and writes grant applications and contract proposals for businesses of all sizes that are interested in becoming, or continuing their business relationship with the government as a grantee or contractor. Further, contract proposal writing for GSA schedules and marketing strategies for GSA schedules are provided with flat fee quotes offered per the scope of services - call or e-mail today for a quote. Commercial contracts are also researched and proposals written for private sector opportunities. There are no government business grants for start-up purposes despite advertising to the contrary. However, certain states offer grants for expansion of businesses and other incentive programs. Grant Strategies provides marketing consulting, as well.

Grant Opportunities - Some of the types of business grant applications written are:

1) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program - The top source of government grant funding in research and development for small business technological innovations is the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. Eleven federal departments and agencies participate in the program which is coordinated by the Small Business Administration. Fees for SBIR grant applications start at $6,500.

2) Business Expansion Grants - Certain states fund expansion of businesses or offer other incentives. Please contact Grant Strategies to discuss the potential for your company.

3) Grants to Businesses for Companies that Counter Terrorism - If your company is involved in counter terrorism efforts and/or antiterrorism technologies, there are a number of grant programs that are open on a cyclical basis. Please contact Grant Strategies to discuss your company and the grant programs in more detail.

Contract Opportunities - Below are two examples of numerous types of services performed. Call for more info.

1) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program - Like the SBIR grant program, this program is coordinated by the Small Business Administration. Five federal agencies participate in the STTR Program and it requires businesses to partner with a non-profit research institution. Please contact Grant Strategies for a quote.

2) Researching and Writing Contract Proposals for Private Sector Contract Opportunities - Areas of focus include: electronics, chemistry, consumer products, engineering, and materials.

Marketing for Businesses

Whether you are aiming to generate leads, close sales, influence investors, or strengthen your role as a visionary leader, rely on Grant Strategies, LLC to write outstanding white papers for your business. Fees for writing white papers typically range from $2,000 to $6,000. Additionally, if your business marketing strategies need a boost, Grant Strategies designs digital marketing campaigns and other marketing strategies plus promotional materials to help you reach your sales goals. Fees start at $500. Contact Grant Strategies and get started today.

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