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If your organization is looking for a professional grant writer or contract proposal writer, Grant Strategies, LLC, provides grant writing and contract proposal writing for government, non-profits, schools, and businesses nationwide. Grant Strategies writes government grants, faith-based grants, foundation grants, corporate giving grants, SBIR and other types of government grants for small businesses, as well as business contract proposals and bids for both private and public sectors. You may find copy-cat professional grant writers on the Internet calling themselves Grant Strategies, LLC, or inserting their personal name before the words "Grant Strategies". However, they are not affiliated with our company, which is the original Grant Strategies, LLC, providing professional grant writing services on the Internet since 2001. If you research the copy-cats, you will find their years of experience pales in comparison for starters. Plus, if these writers cannot create their own company name, then research to ensure it is not being used by another company on the Internet, do you want them to perform your important grant research and grant proposal writing? In short, if you need an excellent, highly experienced professional grant writer, contract proposal writer or bid writer - you have come to the right web site!

Consulting with a highly skilled professional grant writer or contract proposal writer is an investment in your future. It pays to consult with a seasoned grant writer or contract proposal writer. Why risk the odds by using a novice, or staff members that lack the time and sufficient training in grant writing and contract proposal writing? Forget about all of the grant writing books and grant writing seminars - they will not produce the results for you that only a seasoned grant writer is capable of accomplishing. Instead, let Grant Strategies position your organization and make your best case to substantially increase the odds for grant proposal funding and contract proposal awards. Even if your organization has had difficulty, or no success in securing funding, Grant Strategies is ready to work with you to a make a difference in your grant writing or contract proposal writing efforts.

Your organization will benefit greatly by developing a working relationship with a professional grant writer and we are pleased you have found us online. Grant Strategies has held a prominent online presence for 21 years and we are among the most trusted grant writing and contract proposal firms on the Internet. The reason is simple: we are client-centered. We allow clients as much, or as little input into the writing process as they desire and we work around the clock so accessibility is assured. Our grant writing and contract proposal writing processes are unique to client needs. And all of our grant writing and contract proposal work products are specifically tailored to funding source requirements. With Grant Strategies, you may be assured of the highest quality of grant writing services and contract proposal writing services anywhere on the Internet or locally for that matter.

Our quoted grant writing fees and contract proposal fees are very competitive and we do not inflate our fees as some firms do. In upholding the highest ethics of fund raising professionals, no grant writing on a contingency basis, or on a commission basis is performed. For the convenience of our clients, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Grant Strategies is not a grant writing mill that takes on a large number of clients and grinds out proposals from templates, nor does it use a pool of questionable contract grant writers. With a grant writing mill, if you win a grant it is great for them, and if not, "so what" since their volume ensures a commission elsewhere for them. In the meantime, you have burned your bridges with many funding sources by approaching them with a sweepstake-like generic proposal. With Grant Strategies your organization is valued, and you are given the time, respect, and attention you deserve from a trusted consultant. In addition to grant writing, grant funding research is also performed.

Grant Strategies, LLC, offers services beyond grant proposal writing that many grant writers cannot deliver such as technical writing and marketing consulting. Some examples of the types of work performed are:

  • Marketing for Non-Profits and Businesses
  • Individual Donor Campaign Design and Letters of Appeal to Solicit Donations
  • E-Mail Donor Campaigns and Messages
  • White Paper Writing
  • Report Writing

Please browse our site to learn more about our funding searches, grant writing, contract proposal writing, technical writing, and marketing consulting services. We offer a free phone consultation to discuss your funding needs and how we may assist you in reaching your funding goals. Funding is within your reach with Grant Strategies!

E-Mail: info@grantstrategies.com Phone: (507) 289-1526
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